Collection Information

Browsing the Adult Fiction Collection

At the Portage Public Library, we have a diverse selection of fiction books, consisting of many different genres. In the past, some of these genres were separated out and had their own sections in the library. In order to save space and to continue building an exciting collection of new books (in addition to keeping your favorite authors' works together), the library interfiled these books into the main fiction collection. The collections moved were Sci-fi/Fantasy, Mystery, Westerns, Romance, and Street Lit (also sometimes called Urban Lit). Large print Westerns remain in the large print collection.

If you’re a big fan of one of specific genres, there is still a way to find them! Each of these books has a special sticker on the spine that designates it as a Sci-fi/Fantasy, Mystery, Western, Romance, or Street Lit. Below are example pictures of these stickers so you know what to look for. Keep an eye out for stickers when browsing the main fiction collection. Bear in mind that the fiction section remains organized alphabetically by author's last name if you are looking for a favorite author!


Magazine and Newspaper Organization 

The Portage Public Library organizes its magazine and newspaper subscriptions into easily identifiable "neighborhoods" that keep genres and themes together together in separated sections. These neighborhoods are clearly outlined and color-coded with specific dots. Within their neighborhoods, magazines are organized in alphabetical order by title to make it simple for our patrons to find their favorites.

Each year, we track which magazines and newspapers have been popular with our patrons and which have not, so we can annually update our collection to align with timely community interest.

A Note on Video Games

We work hard at the Portage Public Library to offer a modern, relevant collection that satisfies community interest. In line with this, we've curated a rather substantial video game collection spanning the past three generations of gaming. We will continue to add what is new and popular. We've tried to build a collection that appeals to a diverse age range and taste, which includes many mature-rated games. More information about our video game collection can be found below. 

A bit of information about our video game collection:

• The cases on the shelves are empty. To check out a game, bring the case up to the front desk. The games themselves will be put into their case upon checkout.

• Video games have a 7 day loan period. Just like DVDs, patrons can renew games once on LINKCat (as long as they are not on hold for someone else).

• Video game holds are stored behind the desk, and not on the regular holds shelf. If a video game you have on hold becomes available for you, please ask at the main desk to check it out.

Note: In accordance with the American Library Association's Access to Library Resources and Services for Minors: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights (click the link to view), the Portage Public Library is not responsible for monitoring or restricting what content is checked out to child and teen patrons. Please click this link to visit our policies page if you would like more information regarding our role. In a similar vein, the Portage Public Library does not attempt to organize library materials in particular ways to disincentivize younger people from accessing mature-rated materials, nor do we "highlight" rating labels to warn patrons about mature content; ultimately, determinations regarding what materials are appropriate to check out or not are made with the individual/parent/guardian. For more information regarding the library's approach to the organization and labelling of materials, please see the American Library Association's Rating Systems: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights.